Providing Convenience and Changing the Stigma: Finding A Solution to Feminine Care

My friends and I try to take a girls trip every year and as a working mom of two, it is a much needed trip. In 2018 we went to Los Angeles, California, we had an awesome time, L.A. is definitely a vibe! On the last day of our trip my friend who’s a, I wear black all the time, kind of girl, wears white pants and gets her period unexpectedly.

Our AirBnB was located near a Walgreen & CVS so we thought jackpot but neither had anything that was a quick, convenient, sustainable, keep me feeling fresh on-the-go solution to get her from LAX to LaGuardia. At that moment, femPAQ was born.

After much research and cutting up paper to create the best package for the perfect arrangement of essential products, I remembered all the stories of almost every woman that has come into my life. All those unfortunate incidents due to unexpected or irregular periods. Stories from family, friends and co-workers, we had all experienced the same thing.

My first thought was, Why is this still a problem?


We know that it happens so why isn’t there anything for us? Oh, there isn’t anything because it’s still a subject that no one wants to discuss. We wouldn’t be here without it so what is the reason for not discussing it?

1 in 5  girls miss school due to the lack of access to period products. I remembered all the times I myself missed school due to this very reason. Getting my period at school and having to make make-shift pads out of toilet paper, even as an adult. I then thought about other people who don’t have access to feminine hygiene products or can’t afford access.

We attended a period rally put on by a great local period movement organization that we donate PAQs to and we got to hear from some awesome speakers of local non-profits. We listened to the unfortunate woes of homeless menstruators and what they substitute for menstrual products. After the rally we decided, as a start-up we needed to do more.

So for every 2 PAQs sold we would donate a PAQ to a local charity.


We offer a sponsor button on our give back page where you can sponsor a 4PAQ for any school, shelter or even office. With free shipping, everyone can do their part in ending period poverty.

Not only is it our mission at femPAQ to provide convenience to menstrual hygiene care but to also do our part in changing the stigma surrounding periods through storytelling as well as doing our part in ending period poverty.

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