My Top Eight Tips for Transitioning into Full-Time Entrepreneurship

In todays culture everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. You find something you are passionate about and you decide you want it to support your lifestyle. You read all the motivational posts on charging your worth, customers paying for your years of experience, etc.

So you get started.

It’s exciting and fun until you can’t pay your bills and then you search the internet for help and end up here.  You also might have stumbled across this blog simply considering going into business for your self.

I am a millionaire and I have been broke and in foreclosure. I’ve been running a business for 15 years. It’s been profitable for over 9.  My sales have grown by 35% year over year for the past three years. My advice is hard-earned and I want you to succeed.

So here are my Top 8 Tips On Becoming An Entrepreneur.

  1. Take all the free advice you can get. No matter what you are doing you can learn from others in any kind of business. Read, listen and watch as if your life depends on it. Read both motivational and business books. It’s great to be positive and attract good things to you, but without a strategy, you will quickly learn that good vibes don’t pay bills.
  2. Take classes with the SBA, Your Local Chamber, Local Colleges. Accelerators are free and can put you years ahead in a short period.
  3. Find a mentor and listen to them. They may not know everything, but they know things you don’t. Find one locally, but also look out of your area.
  4. Pay for advice but only from someone who has done it before. One of the biggest issues in today’s entrepreneur world is we are taking advice from people who have never worked 20 hours a day to prepare for a customer presentation because they are the CEO, Janitor, Marketing Manager, and product builder. In the early 2000s the US hit a recession. Many top executives were laid off with large separation packages. With no jobs out there, many started their own businesses. Business Consulting Businesses. Charging other startups to give advice on something they had never done themselves. Startup with just an idea. Do they have good experience with business strategies? Of course!

    But the strategy to improve profits or motive a team are not the same when you don’t have profits or a team to motive.

    Pay for advice from CPAS, Lawyers and other successful business owners.

  5. Find your opposite. If you are the creative type and don’t care about how business works, partner with someone who loves business strategy and processes. You may think they are all about rules and money, but they will help you continue to do what you love. Trust me on this one, there are a lot of talented homeless people in the world.
  6. Remember business is and always will be about your customers. Make them the center of your focus and business. It’s not about how awesome you are, it’s about how awesome they are. Brag on them and they will brag on you.
  7. Get your money right! You can be making money hand over fist, but if you don’t budget and manage you will always be broke. And Broke businesses are not successful businesses.
  8. Read Every Book You Can Find. Buy My Book and not just mine, every book you read or download is like having an expert on speed dial. They have poured their lessons learned and best advice into their books to make you successful.

You can do this. Just put your head down and grind during the time to grind and rest during the time to rest.

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